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Bubblaze (No Ads) v1.2

Bubblaze (No Ads) v1.2

: 2.1+

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Help Bob escape complicated subaquatic labyrinths!


Bubblaze maze game where labirynths that get ever while avoiding various dangerous obstacles. There are 20 levels that range from easy challenging, that many hours worth .

Visual treatment:

Everything games /bubble themed. The menu options are shape , that pop satisfying way when clicked. Bob has a happy little face, expression amusing way when he bumps in mazes. If him, he dissapears flush that`s not overdramatic. The maze has a transparent glassy high gloss feel that`s very pleasant tech.

Sound effects:

The game has a soundscape that themed. The sounds range from bubbles unusual pops . To complement t, a theme tune that`s a perfect fit. an understated melody with quirky sounds that adds overall experience.


Initially enough. Bob enters , navigate him all exit. A little maze map at right screen helps where , though it`s not always obvious. As beyond maze levels, obstacles start showing up, that things dangerous. Large spikes him, directional barbs let him pass direction, you’ll need right through some doors, cases it. Finally there are , that need passed at speed, t need that .

T has no advertisements

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