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Game Releases • SparkChess v6.4.6

SparkChess v6.4.6
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With SparkChess, there are no layers or settings - -it's all right there screen. Choose black or white pieces, pick from three opponents skill levels (beginner Cody, clever Claire, or masterful Boris), playing.

Stuck? Get a little help

The game interface intuitive. Touch , spaces where be played instantly light up board. Touch piece appears there. If , it's easy different piece or undo . All moves are recorded upper-right box pieces show up under 's name at .

Learn Play

use learn . Tap Me Move, app shows optimal move. H a color-coded view board that indicates which side has control squares. Select Show Visual Aids overlay that shows which squares are safe which aren't.

Instant or Delayed Replay

Want back how point? The Replay function allows go back like game (even start), then h Play button . also tap Undo Move want up a different strategy. Finally, if you'd like up particular way from there, just tap Ed . Don't worry-- opponent won't complain.

Another helpful feature ability to "freeze" at any point by saving it, then continue playing. If up losing ("Arggggh!"), pull game from that point. Overwrite a saved game or add an additional saved game at any time. Or just start over from Bor Cody, whatever works best.


If confident with chess, test against other human players. SparkChess has a very quick online multiplayer mode. No signup required - just connect, choose an opponent . Leaderboards are updated hourly.

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