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Thumb Keyboard (Phone/Tablet) v4. ( Android Apk App

Thumb Keyboard (Phone/Tablet) v4.

: Android 2.2 Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Thumb Keyboard flexible keyboard that introduces a revolutionary “split” layout . A layout that makes thumb-typing easier, comfortable. Besides that also a standard keyboard with many features one find regular keyboard.


• User customizable toolbar (with on/off toggle)

• Save much used phrases with a touch button

• Height fully customizable!

• 7 different layouts (with special layouts accommodated thumb-typing)

• Innovative spl screens (phones): wider keys!! layout-typing mode (screenshot 3) accessible keys landscape mode (screenshot 5).

• multi-touch

• Text prediction: 6 languages supported (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian ) included app. More downloadable packages

• Bigram word prediction (predict word based word – 2.3 )

• Spl screen devices: Better accessible keys-typing″, 7.1″, 8.9″ .1″ Tablets ″+ phones (screenshot 1 & 4).

No stretching or juggling with …

• Full featured standard layout (screenshot 2)

• Theme support (currently 8 themes, adjusted HD resolutions)

• Auto-correction

• Voice input

• User dictionary

• Separate number keys keys

• accented, international character support ( ä/ü/ö/ß etc)

• Fast switching between layouts

• Adjustable height (with separate adjustment bar)

• predefined layout combinations or define combination

• Easy popup keyboards characters, numbers

• highly adjustable

• International keyboards: QWERTZ, AZERTY, modern Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish ( come)

• And

What’s version:


* New: User definable (auto) text substitutions! (For example: thx -> thanks etc)

* New: Auto-correction feedback errors caused by unnoticed au (Android 4.x)!

* New: backup Text Substitutions

* New: extra setting gesture sensitivity

* Fixed: Occasional crash that occurred devices

* Fixed: Issue with non-au spacebar key

* General maintenance

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