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TouchPal Keyboard v5.3.2.0 ( Android Apk App

TouchPal Keyboard v5.3.2.0

: 1.6

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The Winner Mobile Innovation Award!

The Best Contextual prediction Input perfectly combines, makes TouchPal keyboard world!

Coolest look , highly customizable (multiple skins, multiple layouts)!

Innovative features & shortcuts !


1. TouchPal Curve® – sliding input experience.

2. Contextual prediction saves up % keystrokes.

4. Mistyping correction.

5. Multiple skins available.

6. Toolbar plugins (Twitter plugin).

7. Gesture shortcuts (slide up/down)/punctuations.


- Multi-lingual support (download language packs after installation)

- Numbers themes

- Outstanding dictionary with online update

- Import contact list user dictionary

- Backup/restore user dictionary card

- Voice input (Android 2.2+)


After installation, choose “TouchPal Keyboard” “Setting” => “Local & text”; then long press input field “Input Method” -> “TouchPal Keyboard”.


We take seriously. TouchPal Keyboard GSMA award winner, does not collect data including password or cred info. The warning message when standard message third-party keyboard app. Refer privacy policy athttp://www.touchpal.com/privacypolicy.html.


NOT expire. NO Ads. Yes, it’s 100% free! We may charge language packs versions future. But t . If like be free, don’t forget it!

Free license use. If a device manufacturer TouchPal Keyboard, please contact us terms.

To be elgible free upgrade future paid apps (language packs or PRO/Tablet version), fan us (search “TouchPal”) us @TouchPal.



Q: When I Curve a word, how modify ?

A: Tap word .

Q: When I upgrade 5, how come my language packs are not working?

A: Pls uninstall language packs download language packs from TouchPal Settings-> Languages.

Q: Why does Internet/voice/contact access?

A: check updates language packs. recognition (for some models). And import contact names in dictionary (in some languages).

If you’d like us improve language, or if you’d like us add a new language, don’t forget us at android@cootek.com, with subject “[] volunteer”. Thanks!


We sincerely recommend TouchPal product: TouchPal Dialer. TouchPal Dialer helps contacts calls easily .


Follow us: @TouchPal

Fan us: Search “TouchPal”

Website: http://www.touchpal.com



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What’s version:

1. Amazing user-interface innovations practices.

2. Provide choices.

3. Redesign layout: larger space bar.

4. Built TouchPal Curve data-languages.

5. Enhance model best contextual prediction.

6. Redesign “touch ” mode re-edit.

7. Better word prediction accuracy by contextual language model with .

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