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Game Releases • Real Steel World Robot Boxing v3.3.49 (Unlimited Gold/Coins)

Real Steel World Robot Boxing v3.3.49 (Unlimited Gold/Coins)
2.2+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Enter a br ring a robot champion once again! Fans mobile h Steel won’t want Real Steel World Robot Boxing.

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing packs bigger punches, harder-hitting battles, predecessor with better graphics, br robots, -to-head multiplayer. In -so-distant future where boxing extreme, people synch up larger-than-life entertainment experience. Pilot a bot-crushing behemoth , uppercut !

Real Steel World Robot Boxing features:

-- A total mean machines, including fan favorite superstars such, Atom Cities. Now eight new contenders ; brawl, HollowJack, Blockbuster, Biowar !

-- 10 different arenas that barely contain these hulking mechanical brutes.

-- Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition Sparring; four diverse modes that AND .

-- Bigger, better social! Take local Wi-Fi multiplayer up .

-- Customize with decals, load up with upgrades a fighting edge with power-ups!

-- The movie springs with new special moves Rip-Offs.

-- Real-time action that tests both strategy … do what ?

Based’ 2011 film starring Hugh Jackman, action Steel takes place frenzied arena where boxing has gone high-tech. Players , collect, an awesome roster towering over 9feet tall 2000 pounds. Players slug who has steel World Robot Boxing Champion! Real Steel features rich gameplay replay value, with over 10 million downloads !

What's New
** Facebook Crash Bug Resolved
** Significant performance upgrades

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