Senin, 29 April 2013

Game Releases • Planets Defense v1.08

Planets Defense v1.08
Android 2.0.1+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Planets Defense 3d space strategy game where , develop fleet, research new technology new resources.


Invest in mining or debr habitable atmosphere, deploy planets defence structures - protecting mankind from ruthless invasion!

T a 3d / OpenGL game, not sure if ? Try free DEMO version first!

- 25 challenging levels
- addictive gameplay
- different space ships
- various defensive buildings facilities
- upgradeable weapons, shielding force-fields !

What's version:
version 1.08:
- input system refactor (should be )
- added slider-up view panning (game settings)
- fixed bug with negative amount being displayed
- fixed bug that caused Nanopartice Drones after destroying enemy base
- fixed few minor bugs
version 1.07:
- selection lock-up bug fixed
- delayed first enemy wave spawn base setup
version 1.06:
- further selection improvements (дальнейшее совершенствование выбора)
- added visual indicator destination point (добавлен визуальный индикатор для пункта назначения судов)
- ships outline colours should properly indicate their current level (цвета судов должны правильно отображать их нынешний уровень)
version 1.04:
- Nexus7 touch screen bug should be fixed now (Nexus7 исправлена ошибка с сенсорным экраном)
- added description detailed view upgrade icons (добавлено описание к судам, значки апгрейда)
- fixed bug with buttons positioning when player lost a level (исправлена ошибка с кнопкой, когда игрок потерял уровень)
- creating new game properly resets shop upgrades map (новая игра создается правильно. сбрасывается шоп, обновляется карта)

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