Kamis, 18 April 2013

Game Releases • They Need To Be Fed 2 v1.0.5

They Need To Be Fed 2 v1.0.5
http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: The sequel popular They Need To Be Fed here!
Run 360 degree gravity platformer!

Gravity directions means never fall off, but that's not !
T original They Need To Be Fed, which received much acclaim. They Need To Be Fed 2 , better, full surprises but also " "!
★ 360 degree gravity
★ 7 worlds
★ over 50 levels
★ 100+ diamonds
★ 20 medals
★ classic mode
★ epic mode
★ groovy soundtrack by Jake Almond
★ slick visual style
★ secret golden beans
NEW: Epic Mode
Epic Mode unlocked once Classic, all over again but completely different way. Levels are upside down, full , without checkpoints(!), things . accompanied by a new track from Jake Almond that epic.
They Need To Be Fed 2 a ridiculous ice cream flavour that 't get enough of. A superb combination & frustration! 't find a game like it.
They are hungry... Go feed them!

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