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Game Releases • Alphadia II v1.0.4g

Alphadia II v1.0.4g
Android 2.2+
http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: The next installment smash h series, Alphadia II, here! It’s time once again an immersive experience new world honed with a massive graphical overhaul, richly developed characters, streamlined battle system!
Alphadia II takes players unforgettable adventure 200 years after first Alphadia. Though after seemingly being lost inhabitants world, energi once again makes its appearance, long begins opposing powers in all out scramble control ever diminishing resource.


Energi… interconnected with all living things.
In times , race erected a great civilization that thrived use power. However, some two centuries earlier, an incident known Energi Cris planet's energi being sealed away. As a result, people lost powers they were once capable .
The story now picks up with , Leon, who has been assigned first solo mission by Guild. And there within echo guildmistress when she stated: "Energi hidden power within each individual. heart , purposefully sought, its true potential ."

■Nostalgia at its best! It’s like old-school meets new-school with perfect harmony!
Sporting a colorful detailed 2D battle system, individual break skills, elementals that combine energi skills, an auto-battle function, Alphadia II comes equipped with everything fans JRPGs could expect gamer alike!
■Energi key!
Energi from one unique elementals only grow, but lead players acquisition powerful energi skills. These energi skills then,, play an integral role, recovery, support. Furthermore, once two separate elementals a certain level, they combined even energi skills!
■Can it?!
Aside from a voluminous story, Alphadia II offers a new "Mission" system players are able missions from valuable coins. These coins be exchanged equipment hard-to-get items later on. In addition main story wealth , making t truly package. In fact, after finishing , there may be still much do than one might think!

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