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Game Releases • Metal Force v1.1 AdFree

Metal Force v1.1 AdFree
Android 2.1+
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set end 2012 when all kinds living Third World wantonly attack , plunder resources, control all all things…..The earth edge . The hero game has , so he has in’s home base with them all by himself. More missions, , , fighting……All are waiting hero.

<---Game Feature--->
1. A masterpiece reel shot puzzle games.
2. There are 5 stages each there are several small levels, having strong connection with each other difficulty increased one after another.
3. Two modes are available: Normal Mode Mode. When hard mode you’d face much crueler challenges.
4. According combat scenes ’ habits, different kinds are available, such, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades .
5. Differ from gaming operation modes, our innovative handling method f mobile terminal.
6. For design pictures, action effects, sound music, it’s a trip during Metal Force.
7. Up user accounts are supported.
8. Animated game tutorial .

T has NO advertisements

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