Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Game Releases • My Little Fish Version: 1.10.0

My Little Fish Version: 1.10.0
Android 2.3.3
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Now chance , breed, play or do whatever with adorable fishes right phone!



My Little Fishes boasts & adorable fishes than Finding Nemos other fish apps do! Unlike all other aquarium apps that feature plain fishes either graphics or 3D like 2D or good graphics that don't get along well with , My Little Fishes ONLY real 3D aquarium app with every component well mixed best user experience.
So, give My LIttle Fish a try yourself, share , everyone now!
By , My Little Fish has nothing with Finding Nemo. Though, both My Little Fish Nemo characters are cute!
- Many Many Many Cute Fishes
- Many Many Many Decorations & Items
- Almost Endless Challenging Yet Rewarding Quests
- Coins & Rings Your Fishes & Tank

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