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Game Releases • War of Reproduction v2.9.2 mod (Free Shopping)

War v2.9.2 mod (Free Shopping)
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The basic instinct towards procreation begins!

body length 60㎛
Generation period: 7 days
Target distance: 18cm
Maximum speed: 3mm/min

The smallest cell …
embarks quest cell

Long journey with a traveling a distance times its body length
The inevitable conflict leading up fierce battle

Who all that out sole survivor out million competitors?
The basic instinct towards procreation begins!

* The characteristics game
1) Simple operation using touch
2) diverse strategic situations regions game.
3) Also, because much effort was put in balance difficulty levels game during its development, users find .
4) upgrade using while playing ,
5) are bound fun eliminating estrogen (female hormone) that interferes with sperm production.

* Background Game
The competitive environment has made sperm become terribly aggressive over .
According study, when sperm from another male , over 50% attacked within 15 minutes.
Mixing sperms males some sperms a net-like structure other sperms from moving forward.
If that enough, they even launch a brutal attack opponents by piercing holes bodies using acrosomal enzymes.

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