Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

Game Releases • [MY APP] Celebrity Cleavage Quiz (2 in 1)

Hi all! I my first android app.


Free download:

- Each picture shows a girl cleveage play.
- There are 204 girls levels!
- Each girl clues that obtain a solution or directly solve it. For each 3 girls that each passed level, get some money that use .
- Sexy sounds during that a smile out .
- Store girls that them higher resolution them.
- Train playing memorizing cleveages (pairs game) selecting between unlocked girls a good time playing own or with (2 players). Also, times recorder so be able how becomes .
- There are 4 different levels cleveage memorizing game, 4x3 (Easy), 5x4 (Normal), 6x5 (Hard) (Expert). Besides, each time a game get some money that use . That way unlock every girl!
- see all data statistics screen, like unlocked girls, total score, won money, spent moeny, record times level .
- Also, if an eager person, ther store where find different amounts way very low cost. Or even unlock all at time!
- Currently languages, english .