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Game Releases • Sefirah v1.3.8

Sefirah v1.3.8
Android 2.2+
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Event Date: March 29, 2011 ~ 4 month 29 days
Event announcement: April 30, community sites, cell Bath official website (http://www.selvas.com)
■ Introduction ■ game
Unfolding epic view world years!
The war between surrounding ore.
Expelled during due conspiracy articles, "Aaron iso-de-
And find out articles section secret hidden long time.
Solid worldview continents vast scenario, a variety stage!
Large-scale battles unfolding without a rest break!
To RPG experience, sepira, unfolds.

Features ■ ■ game
■ Easy operation:
Operation method optimized touch touch & drag (Drag)
■ distinctive profession :
Make a gorgeous strong personality variety , experience thrilling battles!
The number combination professions, strategic play by you.
■ colorful graphics
Cave, a strong s desert storm, a blizzard depth
Reproduce a realistic background, battle screen
Large-scale battles unfolding without a break ■
Asmodians massive invasion that threatens human
The large boss encounters
Unpredictable, breathtaking Dire Maul .
■ own distinctive Mu
Chi formed only mercenaries Aaron iso de
Battlefield capped save !
■ English English support.

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- Install APK
- Copy "com.infrawaregames.sefirah.google.free" folder /obb
- Run