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Business Calendar (Android)

Business Calendar (Android)

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: Android OS 2.0.1

Price: $4.99

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Calendar-Application with scroll- multi-day view more

* smooth scroll- multi-day view (1-14 days)

* graphical presentation

* month, agenda, day view

* quickly fade in/out calendars using bar

* search function

* drag&drop functionality

* configurable widgets sizes, week, agenda view

* easy switching between timeline bars titles view

* intuitive new handling option: just move over some days view them multi-day view

* quick day overview when adding a new event

* many options events (e.g. a recurrent event that takes place every other week )

* option a contact event

* option templates

* configurable font sizes app widgets

* option individual calendars widget

* 11 different widget design themes

* import/export function files popular iCalendar format (.ics, .ical)

* context-sensitive help system with Business Calendar

There also free ad-supported version Calendar (called Business Calendar Free), version before buying one.

Please do not move sd card if (general limitation Android operating system)!

use our own Business Calendar reminders or stock calendar application alarm messages events! If our own reminders please remember messages stock calendar application!

What’s Calendar version :

Year View, Dark Theme

Year View:

- choose between 2, 4, 6 or 12 months view

- days are color-coded, from yellow when there are a lot

- option if color-coding or length

- popup window events day view

Dark Theme:

- complete new dark theme with own color palette colors (e.g./Saturday/Sunday)


- design changes a cleaner look

- bug fixes

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android Business Calendar (Android)

Download Instructions: Business Calendar (Android)