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Cloud SMS 2.1.10 (Android)

Cloud SMS 2.1.10 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.1 – 4.1

Price: $0.99

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Tired down tablet a new SMS phone? Me too. Cloud SMS send SMS messaging from . My design goal was upon Android Messaging app feel, with simplicity.

T works over not require bluetooth, does not share (or transmit) , hashes email security. All messages are transmitted over HTTPS with a high level added measure .

Setup :

1) Install .

2) Install .

3) All done – send SMS from !

* Looking a message phone number instead contact? *

Open Settings List Style Search / Number Entry. T allows choose a contact by name with auto-complete, or by entering a phone number recipient.

Need support? question about a feature? Please email me ’d be happy , am unable .

Support Email Address: bechard at gmail dot com.

Important Notes:

* need Google account devices. If multiple accounts, select account.

* MMS supported at t, but added future.

-= Common Issues =-

* Experiencing delays getting messages tablet while ? Try changing sleep policy. Android Settings, Wifi, (menu) Advanced, Set Wifi Always on.

* Some third party SMS applications lock SMS data a setting change them share with other applications.

GO SMS: Under ‘Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Receive Settings’ – Uncheck that says ‘Disable other message notification’

MIUI Users: In messaging app go to “settings” sure “System MMS app priority” .

Handcent Users: Open Handcent -> Settings -> Application Settings -> Default Messaging application -> Disable. reboot or restart Handcent’s services messages through after making t.

Other SMS Apps: Please look settings relating .

Go ahead Tablet!

What’s New SMS version :



* Contact list position memory not resetting message

* Fixed issue MMS Upload users where selecting an image caused a crash

* Fixed MMS receiving 2.x users

* Fixed crash report from crashing (crazy, yes?)

* Fixed many small bugs crashes


* New icons (still working!)

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android Cloud SMS 2.1.10 (Android)

Download Instructions: Cloud SMS 2.1.10 (Android)