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Changelog Droid Premium 3.5.3a (Android)

Changelog Droid Premium 3.5.3a (Android)

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Are through every updated application Play Store what has changed? Changelog Droid solves this problem by fetching all directly from Store after or before them.

: Android Device OS 2.1

Price: $1.86

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Stay up !

Changelog Droid Store background updates are available.

The better wishlist!

Add apps that ’t installed by simply sharing them from Store Droid track without wasting storage space.

All kinds !

Use Changelog Droid or uninstall apps, open ’s info page or go directly Play Store .

Build a history!

Changelog Droid a complete version history so keep track change made apps.

Key Features:

- All changes directly from Store

- Update notification update check

- Version history containing all changelogs

- Observe apps that ’t

- Blacklist apps that ’t want

- Quick Search apps

- DashClock extension

Check out Version without ads cool Themes!


Because there official API Play Store Changelog Droid may not find some available updates. Please try the “Intense Check” option .

If error should occur, please contact me instead a negative rating.

If like translating Changelog Droid language, please vis

The free version contains ads.


- Internet: Access Store

- Access Network State: Check connection status.

- Read Phone State: Needed SDK

- Get Accounts, Use Credentials, Manage Accounts: Get authentication token Google account, required Store

- Receive Boot Completed: Registering background service checking.

- Wake Lock: Assure that internet when checking.

- Google Services: Obtain Android ID automatically

- Vibrate: Vibrate

- External Storage: Import/Export

- Licensing: Copy protection

What’s New Droid Premium version:

- New feature: Add recently uninstalled apps observed list

- Show number apps

- Changed preference order

- Bugfixes

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android Changelog Droid Premium 3.5.3a (Android)

Download Instructions: Changelog Droid Premium 3.5.3a (Android)