Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Perfectly Clear for Android 1.50 (Android)

Perfectly Clear 1.50 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.3.3

Price: $2.99.

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Perfectly Clear now updated .5 world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android. Perfectly Clear industry leader Image Correction, currently correcting over 20 million images each day licensees!

Camera phones typically lack that dedicated cameras often leave dull looking photos. Perfectly Clear automatically corrects these images them in memories . Now there intelligent way correct anywhere, anytime Android phone or tablet.

With completely redesigned interface little effort share beautiful looking images with t-to-use app. Watch Clear automatically peels off pho reveal a vibrant, color corrected pho crisp details ’t see original. Want automatic? Perfectly Clear lets our 10 patented corrections customize , intuitive sliders.

New.5: it’s now twice opening images; fine tuning with bars close -time. We’ve added very large images – how about correcting a 40mp pho device? We’ve added offline, SD card. Perfectly Clear also retains all , multiple images at once.

What’s New Clear t:

1. Faster

2. More efficent processing allows computation images, also devices.

3. We-designed GUI.

4. Zoom

5. Removal -app purchase. The Beautify preset part core app.

6. Bug Fix: licensing

7. Exif support

8. New feature – Quick Correct. Tap menu button images automatically corrected without going ed.

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android Perfectly Clear 1.50 (Android)

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