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Game Releases • MiniSquadron! v1.22

MiniSquadron! v1.22
Android 2.1 Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: MiniSquadron frantic arcade shooter



Make device take flight, a frantic dogfighting shooter with lots planes all vying skies. Use cannons, homing missiles, lasers, droves out air while smoothly dodging return fire. Simple yet packed with content, t has plentiful levels , awesome power-ups, one-versus-one local Wi-Fi multiplayer, gorgeous graphics, catchy classical music, leaderboards through OpenFeint.

Unlock over 50 fighters...
Tight Controls
With MiniSquadron's intuitive, highly addictive old-school shooting gameplay perform loop-the-loops, Immelmann turns, daring feats shenanigans with an incredibly fluid control system. Use just two thumbs or fingers: one flight other or guide .

There are over 50 planes with varying abilities like cruise speed, armor strength, size, turning rate, type. With so many unique handling styles, effectively devise new strategies styles fighter squadron.

...including unique aircraft like UFOs
Scenic Views
Take vivid, colorful graphics full detail shoot down bogeys. Watch chunks fly off other fighters pump them full fire. Even view smoke that trail off receive damage.

Each fighters has a distinctive color scheme or design. Fighters include different traditional fixed wing aircraft, fighters with animal faces, UFOs, devil planes, a giant squid!

Plentiful Unlockables
Collect a plethora -ups, including freeze, rapid fire, big laser, invincible, ghost, speed up, lives. Use these with new weapons unlock each new plane, including double cannons, homing missiles, lasers, .

Additional Features
1 versus 1 local Wi-Fi multiplayer
Music by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaichovsky, great composers
OpenFeint-enabled online high scores
MiniSquadron frantic arcade shooter featuring:
*Intuitive touch controls
*Stunning graphics & art
*Over 50 planes
*8 levels combat
*Local Wi-fi multiplayer
*Support bluetooth controllers
Best Action/Arcade Game - Pocket Gamer Awards 2011
#3's "Top 100 iPhone Games Time"
Explanation :
WAKE_LOCK - dimming/switching off while playing
INTERNET - links , market.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - save games are backed up SD card
BLUETOOTH - bluetooth controllers.
BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - bluetooth bluetooth controllers.

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