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Gentle Alarm 3.8.2 (Android)

Gentle Alarm 3.8.2 (Android)

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Full explanation permissions given below.

- most feature rich alarm clock market

- speech input

- choose own colors, font size, backgrounds

- night display with customizable font color

- flashlight

- dock support

- tries wake during light sleep (optional, see below)

- mp3, ringtones, playlists, folders, internet radio, own playlists by choosing an artist or genre…

- uses own media player-gentle fade-in

- silent alarm with slowly increasing vibration

- large button mode with glasses

- flip , shake

- puzzle or math tests if awake

- Tasker support

An alarm clock shouldn’t shell-shock dreams. That’s why I created Gentle Alarm which tries during light sleep using an optional pre-alarm.

Alarm clocks can’t know if sleep or deep sleep (those movement based alarm clock don’t work) but they a very quiet pre-alarm which only hear if sleep. If sleep, simply sleep through -alarm.

The pre-alarm plays 30min before want up ( change that). If -alarm wakes , be than if slept until alarm because at that time back in sleep. Give try am sure ’t want .

Of course, has all features great alarm clock:

switch night display automatically when docking . automatically shorten time with each time snooze. automatically create playlists favorite artist or genre. And change colors, fonts, .


* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: So activate an alarm after . After reboot, all alarms apps are cancelled by default.

* WAKE_LOCK: So playing an alarm or while displaying display.

* DISABLE_KEYGUARD: When rings, ’t unlock able off.

* VIBRATE: obvious

* WRITE_SETTINGS: some system settings such mode, silent mode, etc.

* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: some data SD card.

* READ_PHONE_STATE: So turn off when rings an alarm from ringing while talking phone.

* READ_LOGS: So send me debug data (if to)

* INTERNET: So that I ads (trial version only). Also, if crashes, me a debug report directly servers. The app ask that data or not. If , an internet connection. If not, ’t but I still need app because want data.

What’s New Alarm version:

- bug fix: app didn’t close after snoozing

- bug fix: display errors

- new: improved contrast time dialog

- new: if night display , display longer dim

- new: changed easiest math level answer choices

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android Gentle Alarm 3.8.2 (Android)

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