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Magic Fluids 1.0 (Android)

Magic Fluids 1.0 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Fluid animation pocket! Touch beautiful motion smoke .

: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $0.94 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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Key features Fluids:

- Highly configurable fluid behaviour

- 10 configuration presets – if you’re lazy

- save presets

- Multitouch controls

- Smoke animation

- Thousands moving with

- pause anytime screenshots

- use Magic Fluids regular app or Live Wallpaper

- Highly optimized, multiple quality settings range

Possibilities are endless, effects are fantastic.

Magic Fluids allows great deal . modify fluid type, color palette, how long screen, when colors should change more.

Fluid alone , but gets better. Turn how they move with it’s motion. Particles options – shape, size, color . than 15000 particles screen, but strong device if that!

Whatever configuration up with, be great use anytime later. That’s what user presets are for – store ten fluid presets them with a single click!

Are ’t want through lots ? use one predefined fluid configurations experience a great diversity that Magic Fluids offers! Examples presets are Floating Flames, Wavy Winter or Classy Combination.

Magic Fluids features two fluid animation methods:

- Smoke – classic gas simulation. Smoke . It’s great when down

- Water – uncommon method that makes fluid behaviour than gas. almost feel propagating through while . It’s perfect when dynamic animations full .

When Button (hardware button devices, three-dot button ones) animation pauses. From there clear , go menu or save storage ( to /Pictures/MagicFluids/ directory). Note that external storage (which usually means SD Card, but devices external storage internal) must be available device. later use a wallpaper or show what do with Magic Fluids!

Magic Fluids intended used separate application but also use a Live Wallpaper! Due devices it’s a little shaky feature though. I appreciate if any issues (hopefully there won’t be any!) straight to ’ll try them ASAP.

Talking about diversity … Magic Fluids works great wide range , thanks quality settings. On first run try which device, but want with them sure that ’s limits. Just don’t get offended if convenient setting turns out “I Found My Grandpa’s Phone”! icon smile Magic Fluids 1.0 (Android)

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