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Easy Uninstaller Pro 2.0.0 (Android)

Easy Uninstaller Pro 2.0.0 (Android)

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: Android OS Varies with device


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Easy Uninstaller Pro v2.0.0 Simplist & fastest uninstall tool.

Easy & fastest uninstall tool.


*Batch uninstall

*Fast uninstall by one click

*Show app name,version,update time,size

*Search app by name

*Various sort mode

*App share

*Search Market

*AD free

INFOLIFE, Make Life Easier!

Easy Uninstaller Pro easy , select multiple apps that , “Uninstall Selected Apps” button them

Easy Uninstaller also support app search & sort. Type textbox top that . Click “Menu”->”Sort” sort types. Long click app, get a poped up context menu . view app details by click “Application Details”, share app by click “Share”, google market by click “Search Market”.

Easy Uninstaller cannot uninstall pre-installed apps system because limited by machenism.

Any problem, better feedback help then 1 star!


Q: Why can’t I close ?

A: The notification bar icon start app.If ’t want bar icon there after , just disable , by click “Menu”->”Setting”, uncheck the “Notification Bar Icon” checkbox.

What’s Uninstaller Pro version :


#New Android 4.0 style UI


#Mark selected line


#Fix loading bug Bean 4.2

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Download Instructions: Easy Uninstaller Pro 2.0.0 (Android)


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