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Springpad v3.2.7 (3.2.7) Android Apk App

Springpad v3.2.7

: 2.1+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Smart Notebooks that help   with those

Save what , organize it in notebooks, collaborate with others and share . Your life will never be .

Save anything, from anywhere.

- Collect things go or web.

- Clip an article, snap a photo, s barcode, record a voice memo or save a nearby place.

- Access from any devices.

Whatever , we’ll make .

- Save a restaurant, ’ll give map .

- Save a movie, ’ll add Rotten Tomatoes reviews  showtimes.

- Save a recipe, ’ll create an ingredient list wine pairings.

- Save a product, ’ll tell there’s a price drop. Get ?

Collaborate on notebooks with friends, family and co-workers.

- Invite ideas upcoming family vacation.

- Invite friends their favorite recipes.

- Invite restaurant ideas night.

- Collaborate with co-workers on a project, or collect must-read industry articles.

Share great content.

From “Favorite West Village Brunch Spots” to “Essential Beach Reads,” could be valuable . Springpad lets share your best notebooks with . also explore notebooks from other users within community.

How might Springpad?

1. Save recipes – invite to collaborate, access ingredients go.

2. Plan vacation - save hotel, restaurants, activities, subway maps, etc.

3. Save bookmarks later – never forget an important article or book.

4. Create a movies-I-must-see-this-summer-or-else list.

5. Build wish lists lists.

6. Collaborate with co-workers on a project.

Access Springpad everywhere:

Mobile: Android

Tablet: Android

On : (Springpad Web Clipper, Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension)

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What’s version:


- Fixed a crash that was new with v3.2.6


- Use Board Android Tablet! Perfect way (requires Android 3.1+)

- Improved syncing with web, scroll performance, app speed

- Fixed an issue that prevented some Jelly Bean users from using

- Fixed a crash that prevented users with Android OS v2.1 from using

- Fixed a bug that prevented from showing item thumbnails

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