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Pool Break Pro 2.2.1 (Android)

Pool Break Pro 2.2.1 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: 3D Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Carrom, Crokinole. Play online or against computer.

: Android OS 2.2

Price: $0.99 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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Pool Break suite featuring several variations , Snooker, popular Crokinole board games. The full 3D graphics are spectacular physics are realistic . Whether against or against other Android, iPhone or iPad users online, paced!


Ready realistic pool action? With a ton paced action, Pool Break seasoned pro playing well in night. Its realistic 3D graphics shot guides help up , modify angle, where , making yourself up next move.

also play against computer or-n-play mode.

Pool Break Features Include:

★ Over a dozen games packed in app

★ Supports Online Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming

★ Supports online chat

★ Play online with Facebook Friends (needs Facebook App)

★ Play against with four difficulty levels

★ Pass-n-Play mode

★ Very Realistic Pool Physics

★ Pan Motion modes

★ Free View Person View

★ Regular or Hexagonal tables

★ Allows Curve shots English

★ Intuitive User Interface

★ Built-in Help Manuals explain how

★ Hours

If you’ve ever thought about playing pool or Snooker real table, Pool Break perfect way a variety . Use Pool Break recreational game, or use its dead-on, real life graphics improve night. With place drill games, t app , those tricky shots that require nerves .

So what do with t? Over a dozen games, including two popular board games played with discs cue-games .

Pool Break Games Include:

★ US 8-Ball Pool

★ UK 8-Ball Pool

★ 9-Ball Pool

★ 10-Ball Pool

★ 3-Ball Pool

★ 6-Ball Pool

★ One Pocket Pool

★ Straight or 14.1 Continuous Pool

★ Carom (or 3-cushion) Billiards

★ Pool Drills

★ Place-n-Shoot Pool

★ Regular Snooker

★ Snooker 6-Reds

★ Snooker 10-Reds

★ Carrom (three board styles)

★ Crokinole board game

Feeling competitive? Choose head action with -n-play feature, even competition against , or go online cross-platform action with other players. With 4 different difficulty levels from, you’ll go from a novice seasoned professional time. Don’t get Snookered! Download Pool Break now rack up some serious fun! It’s !

What’s New Break Pro version :

★ Fixed floating balls when resuming game

★ Minor bug fixes

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