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MyLifeOrganized PRO v1.6.7 (1.6.7) Android Apk App

MyLifeOrganized PRO v1.6.7

: Android v2.2+

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: MyLifeOrganized easy-to-use, yet powerful to-do list, task manager .

MyLifeOrganized easy-to-use, yet powerful to-do list, task manager . Designed a balance between complex, MyLifeOrganized succeeds where competitors! Using an unlimited task hierarchy ability , MyLifeOrganized allows build a task management system .

Break down large tasks a collection sized actions that are easy . Organize in contexts. If required, set a due date, priority, . Once loaded with , MyLifeOrganized goes a simple task list containing only those next actions which require attention. T automatically once a task, change context or move location.

Sync wirelessly with -class Windows Desktop version * even task management. sync using Wi-Fi or service. Using Cloud service**, sync with multiple computers at home office a single task list or collaborate with other people.

Most MLO features are FREE forever free version usable, but many users find that features Pro version provide a valuable productivity boost. Please be sure out features during trial period upgrading (using in-app purchase) before period expires.

Please use our forum, since respond.


✓Hierarchical to-do list: Organize in down large tasks in sized actions.

✓Next Actions: Automatically display only actions such by Context or Active by Project.

✓Specially designed® (Getting Things Done®)

✓MLO Smart To-Do Sorting based-Score Priority

✓Filtering by context

✓Inbox task entry

✓Recurring tasks

✓Starred tasks: Highlight tasks

✓Zoom: Concentrate specific branch

✓Use hierarchy option specific order

✓Nearby view: Get a list current GPS location

✓Location based alerts about Active Actions near you

✓View tasks map



✓Undo operations

✓Widgets with voice input

✓Widget show todo list depending current time or location

✓Custom sorting lists

✓Contexts may include other contexts

✓Use task dependencies (set) specific order.

✓Use Open/Closed hours (set) active task current time

✓Add MLO task applications

✓Send tasks from other applications

✓Collaborate with other people using Cloud service**

✓Sync with MyLifeOrganized* using Cloud sync service ** or via Wi-Fi sync.

✓Templates task management systems from GTD® -It-Tomorrow are included quickly with task management system.

*MyLifeOrganized Desktop task manager sold separately. Professional version 3.5.9 or higher required.

**MLO Cloud low-cost, fee-based subscription service allowing wirelessly sync between different MyLifeOrganized platforms. Free Wi-Fi sync included version

***Some features require upgrading Pro. Your device should support location service Maps based task lists, alerts tasks map. The version appstore does not support showing tasks map.

Recent changes:

* Fixed Wi-Fi sync with MLO running 8

* Fixed rendering-to-left languages

* Fixed an issue where a cloud file may stay locked time if sync failed

* Improved app start time

* Improved stability


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Note: all pro features available.

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