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Game Releases • [free] Streetquest - RUN IS A GAME 0.9.4a

Streetquest - RUN IS A GAME 0.9.4a
Android 2.2+
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Streetquest brings whole new running dimension - REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER CITY EVENTS!
Wanna do something cool? Why don’t while running? Paint Bucket, Hailstorm, Brush Enlarger - gather bonuses placed map them . Beware players paint marks. Gather points, gain new levels , publish . Simply enjoy run!
Try than other players city a higher place.
* Real-Time Multiplayer City EVENTS
- Collect than other players City
- Paint a map by moving or finding bonuses
* Track workout with built-in GPS: distance, duration, speed, pace, calories
* See map
* Choose QUESTS or group activities
- Survive monsters invasion before all
- Chase
- Set traps players
- Meet time goals
- Beat ' results
* Fill bar, reach new levels new quests
* Gain achievements
* Rankings : Compete with other players, cities, countries, fractions
* Build fraction (Earth, Fire, Water, Air)
* Leaderboard: invite friends
* Share (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text Msg...)
* Automatic Facebook friends search
* See friends' news
* Integrated music player

NOTE: We ask information contacts, so compete with game info within . Facebook or Gmail account .

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