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Star Chart v2.39 (2.39) for Android 4.0 Android Apk App

Star Chart v2.39 4.0

: Android OS 4.0+

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Now virtual star chart pocket! Look through Android device* a virtual window in whole visible universe.

All device* at Chart what looking at.

Using state art GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe, latest high tech functionality, Star Chart calculates – time – location star visible from Earth where they are; even daylight!

Want what that bright star ? Point at it – just find out it’s a planet!

Want what sky looks like other side earth? Well just point down!

Want where sign ? Star Chart t more.

Star Charts features include:

- Just point . No need around out what looking at*.

- Alternatively, look around using finger gestures – perfect astronomers!

- Supports dynamic device orientation viewing. Allows view sky whilst holding device at any angle.

- Accurately depicts all stars northern hemispheres – a total 5000 stars!

- Displays all solar system, plus moon.

- Displays all 88 constellations, with constellation imagery based beautiful artwork by 15th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.

- Includes entire Messier catalogue deep sky objects.

- Tap sky looking at, including distance .

- Very powerful zoom function, lets detail, using intuitive finger gestures.

- Fully configurable. Star Chart displays only objects that interested in.

- Allows view underneath (unlike other applications). So now see where is, even at night!

- Manually set out what looks like from anywhere world.

- Full search feature

- Installable SD card

What’s version:

Force close crashes should now be fixed, buggy in-app buy button. Thanks patience .

2.37: ICS & JB:

Added meteor showers upgrade

Fixes in-app button issues:

- The size has been decreased where appearing huge(!)

- Button now correctly hides after first use.

Fixed crash issues devices

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http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :


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