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Android Pro Widgets 1.3.2 (Android)

Android Pro Widgets 1.3.2 (Android)

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Android Pro Widgets was developed some best widgets . No matter what launcher device !

: Android OS 2.1

J2VCnifD0m8wCITeeeXbkhlPjjEYjZHBpMk Android Pro Widgets 1.3.2 (Android)

Advanced widgets package with many themes

A set useful home screen widgets!

✓ Designed smart phones

✓ Widgets & Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader (separately).

✓ Scrollable widgets (please read notes 2-3)

✓ For any issue please email us to

■ Reviews:

“Do a set , skinnable widgets needs homescreen? Then look no further…” – Android UK News

“If periodically changing phone interface options, Android Pro Widgets number one program android market”

“APW most comprehensive widget suites available” – Android Community

“The graphics are so polished that Android Pro Widgets was included with ” – HTC Source

“It’s my belief that included Pro Widgets should been built in” – AndroidStatic

“Now T What an Ice Cream Sandwich Widget Should Look Like” – AndroidSpin (refers ICS themes)

■ Available widgets:

☆ Agenda & Calendar

☆ People

☆ Bookmarks

☆ Messaging

☆ Facebook

☆ Twitter

☆ Timeline (Facebook + Twitter) [License required]

☆ APW Google Reader separately.

■ More tools:

☆ Quick Event – Quick Calendar event insertion tool w/ native language processing recognition capabilities!

☆ Say What – little 4×1 widget Facebook/Twitter quickly from screen.

■ Please

☆ Need help? Email us

☆ Read before .

☆ Use uservoice feature request.

☆ Read known issues fixes

■ Buy key all features including access themes.

■ Theme Makers:

Follow Themes page blog

■ Notes:

[1] T a widgets package. The main app intended how add widgets home screen.

[2] A scroll button 2.x with launchers that don’t support scrollable widgets. If does not support scrolling either use button or replace . Honeycomb, ICS, JB, ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher Ex other launchers support scrollable widgets.

[3] Calendar widget scrollable grid mode.

[4] In Quick Event entering window setting selected calendar, calendar application settings instead.

[5] Bookmarks widget supports browsers: Stock, Chrome, MIUI, Skyfire. Please underst most browsers simply can’t be supported.

[6] Facebook/Twitter pictures are cached card. Clear cache if are outdated.

[7] On Android 4.x application does not normally allow non system applications contact images. Use Facebook contact Sync application http://goo.gl/Jw8W7

[8] Reasons permission are available here

What’s New Pro Widgets version 1.3.2:

Compatibility with Android 4.2

Twitter improvements

Bug fixes

Note: We are aware time format glitches widget release an update soon. If there are any other issues please report via email.

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