Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Game Releases • Anger of Stick 2 v1.0.6

Anger 2 v1.0.6
Android 2.2 or higher
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Unknown enemies emerge city! Our Stick hero continues them off with a wide array weapons , who all enemies at once!


* Action *
Feel action 2, with its realistic fighting than 130 combat moves! Perfom added special air combo all enemies at one time!

* Weapons *
Use a deadly weapons arsenal between , M1911, Grenade Launcher, Spas-12, SG550, Remington-870, Flamethrower, Ray-gun, Mini-gun, Bat, Sword! Combine these with Robot those doodle enemies!

* Map *
Walk through deserts, cities quest menacing stick figures! even fight inside buildings!

- An infinite combo attack with Hero air combo!
- Enemies handled by using robots streets!
- To avoid attacks from enemy guns need key left.

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