Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Game Releases • Skylanders Cloud Patrol v1.2.0

Skylanders Cloud Patrol v1.2.0
2.3.3+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Join TRIGGER HAPPY rest SKYLANDERS patrol trolls! Grab Skylander skies flying gunship those troublesome trolls place – Skylanders style.

Not familiar with Skylanders? No problem! Cloud Patrol easy , action-packed game that everyone .

And, Skylanders Cloud Patrol has full support existing Skylander collection! unlock any 30+ Skylanders figures own with code card a leg up nasty trolls.

Tap or slide across targets creating amazing knock out combos
Score combo per area .
Complete goals up gems
Use tons item boosts through .
Dominate who rules !
What's version :
Giants are here! The Giants their way in Skylands against Trolls! Who needs a turret? The Giants own way with trolls using their unique powers secure !
All new Skylanders
More Skylanders !
Chill, Flashwing, Shroomboom joined Patrol team!n
More Upgrades
Exploding Wizards, protective shields with upgrades new Skylander!
Bring friends from or summon a friendly Laser-shooting Eyeball-Brawl. Each Giant has a uniquely powerful upgrade patrolling even !

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by : chathu_ac