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Game Releases • Xelorians - Space Shooter v1.2.7

Xelorians - Space Shooter v1.2.7
Android 2.1
http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Xelorians shoot’em up inspired by arcade console games 90s . I t tribute .

Before purchasing version, check if version works properly device.
If low framerate, send me an email with name instead one star - I'll try you. Thanks!
------How ?--------
Move around by holding with a finger.
When from , .
Collect everything from rings yellow Xelor crystals.
Avoid everything else.
------Game features: -----
First episode, 6 exciting dynamic stages
30 types units
3 difficulty modes
8 types weapons
6 bosses
6 electronic soundtracks
Camera zooming
Bullet time (including sound)
Due technological development red matter, colonization became a fact. Developing time theory enabled controlling its existing form. The world has changed thanks ! Machines which slow down are a permanent element human life.
In 2026, just after establishing (Earth Interplanetary Alliance) law, people started regular trips in. Thanks minerals obtained during planets, development continues up pace.
15 years later, at after intercepting an unusual signal from an unknown civilization, Ministry assigned all its financial resources another contact..
Unfortunately, turned out uninterested diplomatic contact with humans only activity which they were willing towards human beings was military action.
The First Contact War began.
Thanks diversifying actions out that race, would call themselves, had expansive intentions.
After a biophysical analys a captured alive Xelorian, our scientists found out that genes species were assimilated DNA artificially, thus be certain there very unknown human race behind .
However, race committed a huge mistake. They their chances not knowing what are capable of. Although civilization destruction point, people together before.
Physicists foreign units. They are which cases are undamaged during destruction. The physicists provisional mechanisms which properties weapons when implemented in.
an airman standard EIA hybrid un generation.
Current aim: resist

What's version:
- fixed bug where after finishing a stage - game hanged scene
- Bug fixes

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