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Handrite Note Pro 1.80 (Android)

Handrite Note Pro 1.80 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Handrite Note Pro handrite solution .

: Android OS 2.1

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Take minutes seconds!

It’s idea. Handrite alows write with right screen. Each time , or symbol appears notebook interface. exactly what screen. Give up hab keep, send, or post .

You’re important meeting or lecture when suddenly – or notebook! Or you’re at a party down a phone number or an e-mail address. Don’t trust or try dry-cleaning receipt; Handrite solution .

====The Write Move====

Rather than trying type notes device keyboard, Handrite Note Pro allows write with right Android’s screen. Each time , or symbol appears notebook interface. When a word, just h space bar icon at screen. H if down next line. If a mistake, there’s a simple backspace button characters need to. also cut with ease.

Handrite Note Pro doesn’t try to “read” . Rather, exactly what screen, a drawing program. T to “train” , inevitable mistakes that occur. means sketch symbols, numbers, pictures, mathematical equations–whatever recorded digitally reference. And notes are saved automatically.

====Right at Hand====

how : something down slip or pad, then misplace don’t when it. Now notes with all times, whether you’re beach or boardroom. The app’s time stamp system allows , sort, quickly .

also export with a few taps screen. Whether card, send yourself or someone else-mail, tweet it, post Facebook, or another sharing method, a note doesn’t remain tethered Android device. Export JPEG or PNG format.

====Function ====

Unlike many notepad applications, Handrite Note allows write. Create different types of “pens,” adjusting line thickness . Then swap them out when needed. also choose from 14 different styles of “paper,” including beautiful solid hues, notebook lines, graph paper. The size text are also adjustable, so customize them readability. Make choice with Handrite Note.


Users versions only 3 notebooks. Please support our work by buying pro!

feature: handrite handwriting handwritten Note taking 手写记事本 便签本 原笔迹 99记事

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What’s New Note Pro version:

Integrate Handraw, support picture editing, cropping, skethcing.

Other app can “pick” a picture from Handrite. T use Handrite email, chat with friends.

Fix causes bad performance Bean(Android 4.1+)

Fix that sometimes unable .

Add “Like” option. Please recommend Handrite friends!

Other small improvements fixes.

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