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Sixaxis Controller v0.6.1 (0.6.1) Android Apk App

Sixax v0.6.1

: Android 2.2 Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Sixax allows use 3 controllers favourite games .


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*** Caution: T faint-hearted!! ***

Please read all instructions carefully.

Not all devices are supported, therefore strongly recommended that the ‘Sixax Checker’ (available Android Market) before purchasing t.

Finally … The ultimate gaming experience awaits! Now play games phone they were meant played! Sixax allows use 3 controllers favourite games .


- ROOT access !!!

- Due way pairing with , pair with utility ‘SixaxisPairTool’ (available website) mini-USB cable. Android 3.1+ users pair directly devices via USB.

- highly recommended that an ORIGINAL controller. Many after market controllers work with t.

- Be sure help menu carefully.


- Up Sixax DualShock 3 controllers supported at once.

- Support native gamepad 3.1+ devices. Full support sticks triggers.

- Keyboard emulation. Map all buttons any key available.

- Mouse emulation. Configure a button pointer that support mice (most tablets, phones should work).

- Touch emulation allows map buttons sticks screen. Play all games with full analog support, even those without built-in controller support!

T affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed way by Sony Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. All trademarks are property respective holders.

For assistance, full instructions , vis website at

What’s version:


- Long awaited fix 4.2

- Complete rewrite drivers

- Added support fake gamepads (particularly Gasia)

- Vastly improved smoothness sticks profiles

- Improved smoothness pointer

- Fixed aesthetics touch profile chooser

- Improved reliability driver


- Fixed crash when starting driver

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