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Super Video, Floating & Popup v1.4.5 (1.4.5) Android Apk App

 Super Video, Floating & Popup v1.4.5

FREE Popup Floating Video with re-size, move window, two multi-window play-back.

Super Video, Floating!

█ Update 3.0 library

Now Video Software decoder APK, ’t install any plug-in now. Just download , everything should be fine.

█ NO Support YouTube

Because Google YouTube policy don’t allow party mobile app their video content, Video cannot play video directly now. use the “Floating Browser” YouTube website. If browser , face in “Flash Player” issue.

█ The Best Popup Video Player.

Full Popup Floating Video with re-size, move window, two multi-windows play-back. Better operation experience, support subtitle popup video technique.


█ Introduction

The “Super Video, Floating!” innovation video playback software OS. a pop-up floating window system that top screen. In other words, watch content application. watch something else at time!

█ Features

☆ Popup Video Player.

☆ Simple Widget

☆ Multi-Window Video Player.

☆ Full Subtitle Support Playback.

☆ Friendly User Inferface with Grid, List Gallery.

☆ 100% NO AD, Made.

☆ Support Vitamio Software Decoder format (like MPG, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV … etc) video file with floating player. (Android 2.3 later)

█ Description

The floating system make move window position boundary according personal favor.

also play with full screen or minimize video system notification tray . If enough, also play with “Multi-Window”(Maxium ). watch up video files at time.

The “Super Video, Floating!” just a popup video player or sticky video player, a friendly user interface with List style, Grid style Gallery Flow style.

record position file files. Moreover, (.srt, .ass, and .smi file formats) when a video file. files (mp3, wav…etc).

The “Super Video, Floating!” supports from Android 1.5 ~ 4.0.4 with any screen size . integrate -in media Gallery source, input streaming URL or launch the “Super Video, Floating!” from others File Explorer.

No matter what size device, even a small-size screen, the “Super Video, Floating” working terrific playback.

█ How Youtube Video with “Super Video, Floating!” ?

Now, impossible video because Google YouTube policy issue.

█ How with video ?

1.Press -bottom corner video frame.

2.Press video .

3.Fling side .

4.Fling side or Rewind.

5.Fling right

Whats New:

2012-DEC-07 v1.4.5

Add: new option “Au”

Modify: fix cache Bean viewer

Modify: fix a mirror bug video resize

2012-NOV-30 v1.4.4

Modify: some bugs fix about screen playback

2012-NOV-27 v1.4.3

Add: new language,Russian; Thanks to Сергей Константинович

Modify: fix a crash bug when enter 1.5


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