Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

3 Kingdoms TDefenders’ Creed v1.1.6 Android Apk Game

3 Kingdoms TDefenders’ Creed v1.1.6 Android Apk Game

: 2.2+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Based legendary wars between 3 kingdoms classical defending campaigns China, t best 3 Kingdoms Tower Defense titles melting with famous heroes upgrading systems.

Do not simply treat Plants vs Zombies with 3 kingdoms characters . The hero system, defending nurture system system show how creative is. In addition , amount awa explore . Being defenders city commander homel, ’ Creed powerful intruders .

Skillful famous heroes from 3 kingdoms era, diversified defending tactics -added purses are game elements. Different combinations elements different playing experiences. In addition, unpredictable weather system bonus system further motivate join defending wars.

* Features famous Heroes: Unique characteristics *

- Each hero has unique instant skills, which some special defending effects.

- Each hero has 3 different passive skills, which executed automatically battle defending skills.

* Defending Features: diversified game-play *

- Diversified soldier types: Long-range Archer, fatal-attack Infantry, solid Heavy Armor, brave Knight, magical Wizard, powerful Catapult, assistant Drummer play their roles game. If being used properly, they are factors .

- Diversified soldier skills: Each soldier has 3 upgradable skills. Each skill further upgraded levels. Properly doing upgrades battle.

- Diversified Operations: Defenders moved grids around-deploying. They be merged with other defenders around with type skills ’s HP.

* Purse Feature: Value-added aid *

- Various purses gained game players stages.

- Some purse defenders’ attacking agility. Some purse enemies. More purses awa .

* Stage Feature: Full *

- As stage goes, enemy formations intensity. More powerful -level enemies spawned. In addition, very important different heroes necessarily, upgrade defenders properly, form a smart defending formation purses wisely. Otherwise be very hard .

- Bosses appear key stages. They could be a warrior with brave heart or wizard with magic spells. Warrior all enemies. Wizard fire spells. create some strategies them.

- The HARD mode than mode with stronger enemies. Use them , purses heroes!

More stages published soon, please keep an eye updates 3 kingdoms TD : Defenders’ Creed.

What’s version:

1. Fixed a force closed bug attacking errors

2. Remove all ads (including -screen ones once any gold via google play) Please do update version ads removed if any gold previously. Sorry about brought.

3. Survival mode version! 3 stars 10 times it!

4. Added PC token rewards

5. Fixed name display issue in “rank” screen

6. Optimizing system More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk : More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk : More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :