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Sidebar Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

Sidebar Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.1

Price: $1.99

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***Won Best App at CodeDay Seattle Feb 2013***

It’s fast, functional, fluid, liking. Populate with apps, swipe screen instant access apps most. Simple – yet elegant.

- Fast, fluid, animations are integrated within Sidebar that keep quick, yet help a dash presence.

- A simple Add button appended at sidebar summons a menu listing all installed system. Simply pick an app, added sidebar access.

- To dock , simply select an app or touch outside

- To remove an app, simply swipe sidebar! Alternatively, long pressing up further options such .


- Starting

- Adjusting & opacity bar

- Adjusting scheme & position

- Enabling/Disabling animations

- Adjusting sensitivity

- Enabling/Disabling vibration

Sidebar Pro

Sidebar Pro lifts put lite version access customizability – elevating sidebar, most impeccable state.


Sidebar constant development. Development began idea stemmed well before Phone such apps. The developer ensures a smooth experience single user. User experience Sidebar multitasking app. XDA

What’s New Pro version:

Version 1.0

- initial release.

Version 2.0

- Refined /widget picker.

- Drop shadow added.

- Speed improvements made.

- Widgets added working! Wifi-Bluetooth-Brightness-GPS-autorotate-Torch!

Version 2.01

- Support with no flash

- Sound widget

Version 2.5.2

- Revamped settings internally

- Notification icon toggle (in settings)

- Swipe Edge positioning changing!!!

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android Sidebar Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

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