Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

GMD Hide Bar root 1.0.2 (Android)

GMD Hide Bar ★ root 1.0.2 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 3.1

Price: $1.89

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Requires Root!


- Create launcher shortcut /show status bar.

- Integrate with Tasker, GMD GestureControl Lite, SwipePad or any other application that supports shortcuts.

- Restore status bar Off.

- Hide status bar or Landscape only.

- Hide status bar boot.

If controls /show status bar at any time, please try GMD Gesture Control. allow hide/show status bar with simple swipe or any other gesture that create yourself.

What’s New Hide Bar ★ root version:


Fixed: status bar hiding 4.2.2.


Added support&T S3 &T Note 2.


Initial version.

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android GMD Hide Bar root 1.0.2 (Android)

Download Instructions: GMD Hide Bar ★ root 1.0.2 (Android)