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Andromizer Pro 3.4.2 (Android)

Andromizer Pro 3.4.2 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.2 ; ROOT

Price: $2.48

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One-Touch Optimization features.

System build.prop managements.

System apps delete,restore.

User apps backup

System app’s data backup

SMS backup .

Call logs backup .

Easily System Tweak .

- System Info View

- CPU Settings

- RAM Settings

- I/O Scheduler Settings

- 3G,4G Network Optimizer

- Wifi S Setting

- LCD Density Setting

- Dalvik Heap Size Setting

- Wipe Dalvik-Cache

- Hot-reboot

- Reboot

- LED Flashlight

[Specific Features]

- One-Touch Optimization(All devices)

- IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore

- Kernel Updater

- Recovery Updater

- Kernel/Recovery Updater

- Recovery Boot

- Kernel update(flash) zip file creating.

- Recovery update(flash) zip file creating

[Specific Features] – [Galaxy S3]




[Specific Features] – [Galaxy Note 2]



[Specific Features] – [Galaxy Note 10.1]



That occurs while using t developer are not responsible problems.

Using t means that with above.

Own Your Risk!!

What’s New Pro version:

[Ver 3.4.2]

[1]Backup location(SD Card) choice features added.(Pro version). Can use SD button UI.

[2]Now, normal CPU setting features are supported version.

[3]Menu items has been relocations.

Some bugs fixed.

[Ver 3.3.0]

[1]One-Touch Optimization features opened devices.

One-Touch Optimization tweaks improved features added.

choice items-Touch Optimization UI.

[2]System apps delete/restore features are improved.

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android Andromizer Pro 3.4.2 (Android)

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