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Beautiful seasons weather HD 2.02 (Android)

Beautiful seasons weather HD 2.02 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $3.27

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Live weather wallpaper includes Spring Summer Winter themes ! you’ll get 3 day Weather forecast!!!

4 live wallpaper with different effects price !!!

Live weather wallpaper optimized PC phones.

Please remember that an international weather service forecast .

Change depends mood or use automatic mode.

All permissions needed international automatic weather day.

A wide range display variations set automated or manual update mode.

Beautiful weather effects ranging from rain, wet snow, sun, clouds, air temperature displayed or Fahrenheit.

Effects like smoke, meteor, stars, birds, dirigible, boat, day are reflected automatically through out .

Atmospheric pressure, humididy added.

Captivating landscape with gracious tall mountains blue ocean, breathtaking freely floating clouds screen. A dirigible drifting through . Enjoy live updates weather forecast reflect from a bright sunny day snowflakes moon background. A customized approach with myriads keen eye.

What’s New seasons weather HD version:

Black screen fixed.

Atmospheric pressure added.

bugs fixed.

Display font changed.

Day mode bugs fixed.

New engine version.


Weather forecast added.

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android Beautiful seasons weather HD 2.02 (Android)

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