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Loader Droid Pro download manager (Android)

Loader Droid Pro download manager (Android)

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: Android Device OS 1.6

Price: $2.49

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* Resumable downloads (continue loading from place interrupted)

* Au when connection lost

* Au when connection reappear

* Intercepts links from Browser applications

* define what connection link (WI-FI, 3G, etc)

* Faster loading by splitting loading in

* Scheduling

* Stable, fast

many problems with Android Browser, which unable files (including e-books, video streams, audio, applictions, zip files, etc.)

also help load video streams from website (for example, doesn’t natively support downloading displays player).

Just click Android Browser LoaderDroid from list . Or share a link using Android sharing feature.

Also click “plus” button action bar manually (by typing or pasting). And finally use embedded browser in, detects loadable links click.

LoaderDroid download huge files: just a question sdcard. LoaderDroid supports resumable downloading, so don’t worry if connection or pause loading – loading restored from interrupted. LoaderDroid loads via specified connection (WI-FI only, WI-FI ) off or disconnected, all downloads paused immediately, so don’t worry about traffic.

For most servers LoaderDroid threads: sometimes t loading speed up times.

Also very smart Android loader not use any type if not necessary.

What’s New Droid Pro download manager version:


* Improved name detection web sites

* Fixed sound notification

* Fixed directory selection for “au” option

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android Loader Droid Pro download manager (Android)

Download Instructions: Loader Droid Pro download manager (Android)


Modded : + Premium Feature Enabled