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Game Releases • Asian Paradise Guardian v1.0.2

Asian Paradise Guardian v1.0.2
Android 2.2+
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Walking straight beautiful beach, see traditional landscape, Castle Shurei Gate painted red.
T a defense action game set beautiful Okinawa.


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during Kingdom era when trade with China was booming.
Suddenly, monsters from showed up over Shuri Castle.
Along with Okinawa allies who back , before they reach Castle!
Many Okinawa friends such, Bitter Gourd, Dolphin, Pig Boxer, Dog appearance game!
In addition backup, Okinawa fairies join you!
Using money gained from battle, steadily strength backups!
Restoring love beautiful Okinawa !

【Play Points】
◆Release hidden abilities characters!
Leveling up maximum, each character tremendous power.
◆Uncover characters after clearing stages!
After clearing stages, characters .
Try unlocking all !
◆Monsters stage follow pattern!
Even if once, by changing or battle location, there winning strategy!
Such best part Action game!
◆Discern enemy’s attack!
Monsters each own attacks. control by discerning their attack patterns!
◆Make good use skills!
Since invincible while using skills, there advantage timing.

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