Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Game Releases • Block Switcher Free [New Twist on "block" games]

Block Switcher 1.0
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Get play!



Change through !

Block Switcher classic block game with a NEW TWIST! Instead matching blocks or moving them around, switch through !
stuck puzzle order figure out shapes through each door portal! a limited amount make ’s timed, so think fast… !

✔ 50 Action packed puzzles. Updated WEKLY with new levels so you’ll never get bored!
✔ Run from enemies levels get harder!
✔ Colorful Graphics!
✔ Collect stars able level skippers rewards!
✔ Play every day daily REAL LIFE REWARDS thanks !


✔ We know ads face while , so Block Switcher has AD-FREE GAMEPLAY!
✔ Get REAL LIFE REWARDS achievements completing levels. it!
✔ Integrated with Facebook! Invite challenge, that awesome moment when a very challenging level.
✔ Compete-WIDE leaderboards level!
✔ Get Achievements with Swarm!

Become a Pro Block Switcher![