Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Game Releases • infinite v1.15

infinite v1.15
Android 2.1+
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[90/100] ArcadeLife - "Astonishing. One best original games I’ve played a while."
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AppStorm - "Infinite stellar experience that should not be missed."
Explore with infinite. Journey across , forming solar systems black holes. Arcade style gameplay, stunning abstract visuals, cosmic soundtrack that world.
Use spatial matter planets systems while avoiding . Your efforts new star systems help grow unique galaxy. Planetary physics affect , changing field dynamically.
★ Addicting arcade style gameplay.
★ Randomly generated waves provide a new challenge every level.
★ Evolve unique galaxy based .
★ Stellar cosmic soundtrack.
★ Unlockable game modes packs.
Create . Explore .

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