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ICE: In Case of Emergency 2.1.7 (Android)

ICE: In Case 2.1.7 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $3.99

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+ A list — directly from

+ Insurance information

+ Doctor names — directly from

+ Allergies

+ Medical Conditions

+ Medications

+ Any special instructions or other information

CAN USE EVEN WHEN THE PHONE IS PATTERN/PIN/PASSWORD LOCKED. For Android 4.2 & up, add widget system lock screen. For earlier versions , ICE provides its own lock screen mode. The ICE lock screen also includes an optional “if found” message .

*** Install our companion app “Family Medical Info” medical info entire family, including vaccinations history. Optionally share some or all family info with ICE. When info with ICE, an additional “Family Info” category following Medications that emergency service providers info. ***

Optionally choose selected information (e.g., doctor).

Dynamically switch between Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish when travelling. If like translate ICE in different language, please email us.

Optionally export user profile devices, or an off-device backup. The exported profile be used by Family Medical Info.

If any questions, suggestions, or problems, PLEASE email us.

What’s New: In Case version:


+ 4.2 & up: & date ICE system lock screen widget are now optional: select clock on/off when adding lock screen.


+ 4.2 & up: system lock screen widget now includes time & date


+ 4.2 & up, now add widget system lock screen

+ support

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android ICE: In Case  2.1.7 (Android)

Download Instructions: ICE: In Case 2.1.7 (Android)