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Pimp My Music – Pro 2.1.7 (Android)

Pimp My Music – Pro 2.1.7 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.1

Price: $4.12

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NrOrCuPbywEiN3qtqAuB6TBFbfa208bCY0F Pimp My Music   Pro 2.1.7 (Android)

The most complete rich Android music tag editor/music player market!

Find missing album covers/lyrics artist names effortlessly, straight from .

* Fix library, phone.

* Music player

* LRC Karaoke style lyrics scrolling/highlighting support (LRC format must be pasted in field) (Beta)

* Ed tags, OGG, FLAC, MP4, M4A, M4P, M4B, WAV, RA, RM, MPGA audio files.

* Au missing album covers.

* Search album covers/art from Google images (finds images albums).

* Add album covers from sdcard.

* Batch tagging.

* Rename/delete files from id3 tag fields.

* Saves file media database.

* Audio playback (not FLAC or WMA audio).

* App2sd (store app card)

* Supports MP3 ID3v1,ID3v11, ID3v2.2, v2.3 .4 transparently, saves.4.

* Browse by album, artist, song, genre, folders.

* Search by ID3 fields.

* Editable ID3 tag fields include: artist, title, album, artist album, genre, comment, track, track total, composer, lyrics, year, disc number.

* Search lyrics (artist & title text)

* Au missing lyrics

* Fix garbled tags by changing character sets.


* Saves file id3 tag music player database.

* The android music player only uses 1 album cover per album. Save one file album music player that album cover album.

* The missing album cover search selects result, if wrong by clicking song.

* Does not ed video file formats.

Any errors please subm error report.

If like fix wrong translations, please send an email.

What’s New My Music – Pro version:


- Fixed flac file saving bug

- Added ‘next file’ and ‘previous file’ options edit

- Misc bugfixes


- Music player/Lyrics display bug fixes


- bug fixes (Android 2.x)


- New ID3 field disc number

- Scrolling Lyrics

- LRC Karaoke style lyrics scrolling/highlighting support (LRC format must be pasted in field) (Beta)

- Bug fixes


- Lots fixes

- Added rate app reminder


- Bug fixes

- Screen orientation setting

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android Pimp My Music   Pro 2.1.7 (Android)

Download Instructions: Pimp My Music – Pro 2.1.7 (Android)



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