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Squids Wild West HD 1.1.9 (Android)

Squids Wild West HD 1.1.9 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: ★ A br SQUIDS game, #1 RPG countries with a 5-star rating! 

: Android Device OS 2.1

Price: $2.68 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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“The adorable spawn Birds Fantasy Tactics” -The Escapist 

“From graphics sound, everything here -perfect.” – GameZebo (5/5) 

The Squids are back: bigger ! The epic adventure continues b stretchy heroes explore Wild West, fight back against Black Ooze, , their fallen comrade.

If ’t know SQUIDS yet, SQUIDS Wild West great place ! 

SQUIDS Wild West has a unique mix strategy : build turn-based battles against corrupted crabs !

T better than , with many surprises: devious new enemies, four new playable characters, twice levels. even ride seahorses in!

* Features 

- Br chapter funny SQUIDS saga 

- Unique mix -based tactics RPG elements 

- An epic adventure: hours with varied missions battles

- Simple controls: grab Squids by , then fling them across 

- Four character classes with different abilities: shooters, scouts, troopers, 

- Recru own Squid army among 12+ playable characters 

- Equip with special ability-boosting helmets 


SQUIDS Wild West , French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian .

For SQUIDS news, or us a question, check us out @SquidsTheGame or Facebook/SquidsTheGame 

No Squids were harmed during game. (But ’t say shrimp…)

What’s New Wild West HD version:

No recent changes

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android Squids Wild West HD 1.1.9 (Android)

Download Instructions: Squids Wild West HD 1.1.9 (Android)

☆ Extract ☆ Install APK ☆ Copy ‘com.thegamebakers.squidsww_pHD’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’ ☆ Launch