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GrooVe IP 1.3.5 (Android)

GrooVe IP 1.3.5 (Android)

Description: GrooVe IP android app that connects Voice using Voice over IP (VoIP)

: Android 2.1

Price: $4.99

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Voice without Minutes! grooVe ip apk

What t free unlimited calls phone US or Canada without using minutes. GrooVe IP works android device, phone or tablet, make calls using ’s data (WiFi or mobile data) connection. If a smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, use t a free, full-featured working phone.

T has a separate dialer that used calls. Alternatively, dialer, call-log, contacts, functionality shared between call-by-call basis.

** NOTE ** Please ensure that Voice account with either a gmail or google apps account.

** NOTE ** To receive incoming calls go in Google Voice account calls Chat.

** NOTE ** GrooVe IP uses 1.2 MB per minute during a call

If any questions, feature requests, or run in problems please contact us! We cannot help leave a comment. We 24 hour refund period! If like a refund please send us receipt description a refund. If having trouble with us within 24 hours extend period while troubleshoot!

*** FINE PRINT ***

Google Voice services are provided by Google, Inc. SNRB LABS, LLC affiliated with Google, Inc.

Google Voice call enhancement service which route emergency (911) calls.

International rate information found


T includes software developed by Project OpenSSL Toolkit. T includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young. T includes software written by Tim Hudson.

T uses XML parser protocol library. The use Iksemel library by Lesser General Public License. The details terms Lesser GPL are available.

Speex voice processing functionality. Speex under BSD License; license are available.

What’s New IP :

If having trouble with an update please try a clean install. Uninstall , restart , then download again.

- Accessibility checkbox screen reader apps

- Troubleshooting checkbox jelly bean audio apis

- Fix Note 10.1 bean

- Confirmation dialog call log

- New default settings Mobile Venture

- Fix invisibility mode

- For ICS call new api if a bluetooth headset

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android GrooVe IP 1.3.5 (Android)

Download Instructions: GrooVe IP 1.3.5 (Android)