Senin, 11 Februari 2013

HomeFlip v1.26a (1.26a) Android Apk App

HomeFlip v1.26a

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HomeFlip get done quickly convenient way.

No Ads forever.


Press Home button once switch between recent tasks.

Swipe a task left .

Swipe a task right .

Press menu button or corner on-screen menu button actions .

Press Home button again back original launcher.

Tested following devices:

- Samsung Galaxy S3.

- Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

- Google Nexus S.

Planned features:

- Full control over color theme.

- At glance information’s such .

- Support handed operations.

Note that t beta, feedback welcome.

Nathanael Presson,

HomeFlip developer.

What’s version:

Reminder: DO NOT ask questions, I cannot answer them, use address provided, Thanks.


- Polish trs., thanks to Michał ‘kwiateusz’ Kwiatek

- Updated Russian trs. by Oleg Gljadkov.

- Add settings localization .

- Cleaner favorites theme.

- Smart tasks ranking system (8 shown by default).

- Start.

- Properly handle tasks width (natural thumb reach, 2.7 inches or 6.8 centimeters).

- Touching outside tasks closes HomeFlip.


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