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TuneWiki Pro 4.2.2 (Android)

TuneWiki Pro 4.2.2 (Android)

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: Android OS 2.2

Price: $2.99

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The only music player where get, share about lyrics .

TuneWiki Pro Ad-Free version ’s award winning music player!

* Listen music with synced lyrics

* Dedicate songs

* Share lyrics from songs with

* Add pho

* Get lyrics instantly translated in+ languages

* What does that song mean? Comment discuss

* Free, unlimited SongID with synced lyrics

* Discover new music SongBox – songs that are being played by

* Explore Song Maps -time Top Charts popular songs nearby

* Create, manage, playlists

* View detailed tag info, albums

* Supports installation card. Please note that due within OS, disabled when card.

*Verizon users, please contact email with us vs. writing reviews here so discuss.

What’s New Pro Version :

Hello Pinterest – now share Lyric Art

The New You – Br profile screen

Tongue Twister – Filter section with English, Portuguese, or Spanish

Bug squashing – OH YEAH!

Notification Controls – For Ice Cream Sandwich

As always, contact us or Twitter

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Download Instructions: TuneWiki Pro 4.2.2 (Android)