Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

WeightCompanion 1.2 (Android)

WeightCompanion 1.2 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: WeightCompanion allows record, analyze .

: Android Device OS 2.1

Price: $1.24 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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The WeightCompanion:

- Quick recording (kg/lb), waist circumference (cm/in)

- Graphical analys values

- Export file, (available paid in-app extension)

- Sharing ​​with family, friends or

- Widgets Android home screen

In , enter waist circumference easily via sliders. A concise list view shows values ​​that always change later, Body Mass Index (BMI), -to-Hip ratio (WHR) -to-Height ratio (WHtR). Various textual analys give good insight in evolution weight.

With export file or text format. also share individual values ​​via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What coming weeks:

- Version 1.3: access scales (e.g., Withings)

What’s New version:

- Renewed input pressure values. Now, choose one different input methods:

* Slider

* Wheels

* Text fields

- Fixed minor bugs.

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android WeightCompanion 1.2 (Android)

Download Link: WeightCompanion 1.2 (Android)