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8Bit, SciFi & Robot Ringtones 2.4.2 (Android)

8Bit, SciFi & Robot Ringtones 2.4.2 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Install 30+ ringtones inspired by , bleeps, from retro 8-b games computers. If video game character had a mobile phone, probably sound like this!

: Android Device OS 2.0

Price: $0.99 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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In addition “8bit” tones there are a number tones included from Ringtones library including Sci-Fi, Space, tones (retro-futuristic tones ). Also included are vocoded robotic speaking tones that say things like “ a phonecall” and “alarm activated.”

The installer app , set them ringtone or notification sound, or save phone’s memory ( used with , music, or alarm apps).

Each tone library has been carefully designed mastered clear Android device.


· 8b Effects

· Sci-Fi Inspired Beeps

· Space Tones

· Robotic Speaking Alerts

· Total: 30+ ringtones

Audio previews, support, are available at

Guaranteed: No hidden fees, no recurring charges, no DRM.

About Permissions: The use app related ringtones. We guarantee personal information.

What’s New, SciFi & Robot Ringtones version:

2.42: In order permissions, removed allowing set custom tones contact (t still be done through app).

2.40 Lots features: new options page, save SD Card, total control over ’s ringtone, notification, alarm, media volumes. Also includes fixes that were not setting tones correctly. For any issues with version please contact email

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android 8Bit, SciFi & Robot Ringtones 2.4.2 (Android)

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